One year old…

So, the 27th of March 2016, marks quite possibly the most significant day in my life other than the day I was born. Today, exactly one year ago, I decided to give my life wholly to Jesus Christ. The chains of depression, anxiety, suicide and many more were all broken and one exceptionally lost young man was found! At that time in my life I was simply trying to navigate this thing called “life”, with no hope, no direction and additionally I had no idea what it felt like to love others and be loved back.

The past year, I have seen things unimaginable, including miracles that are mostly conceived as false by those who have not witnessed them themselves! To name just three, I have felt and experienced a broken arm/hand, that was predestined, by doctors, to not be fully functional for at least 3 months of therapy, post surgery, healed in 3 weeks! I have experienced massive financial breakthroughs! And I have had relationships with my family rapidly and most intimately repaired! Plus many other amazing, mind blowing things that couldn’t have happened without God. I truly believe that when you find Jesus, you can be completely reborn! That your life can be completely restored!

To all my QLD friends, I just want to say that, you guys all knew who I was after school. You know that I was most definitely not a Christian, and that I was filling my gaps with what the “world has to offer.” What you guys don’t know is that I was such a broken person, living behind the major facades of laughter and fake smiles. I had no idea that life could actually be as rewarding as it is now!! Whats even better, is that all those things the chaplains and RE teachers talked about, is actually real!

My main message is this:

“What-ever your struggles are, what-ever you’re battling against, what-ever the mistakes you’ve made are, you aren’t alone!” 

So if anyone wishes to chat/vent, whatever, let me know. Chances are that I’ve been there, or I at least know someone who has. I hate knowing there are people out there living in those dark places I lived in. So if that is you, give me the chance to show you that life can actually be better, and that there actually is a light at the end of the tunnel. That you can go to bed at night smiling, rather than crying. That your smile doesn’t have to be a facade, rather it can be something that fills peoples lives with joy and hope.

So I love you all!
I Bless you all!

And until next time…

Josiah Trigg! 🙂



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