Oh 2016 havent you been a rollercoaster ride. Although you started off miserable, rocky, and at times you felt lost, alone and uncertain, you are finishing with a positive, healthy, fresh conclusion. You were filled with tears, laughter, arguements and the occassional giggle snort.

This year saw me become a new man. I found Jesus and was completely redefined, reformed, and reborn. I went from the lowest point of my life, where I wanted to wrap my car around a tree, to being closer to my family than ever, and absolutely loving life and all the blessings and healthy opportunities that I face.

2016, boy have you set the foundation for an absolutely insanly awesome 2017.

If your reading this, and you’ve had a bad Christmas or are having a rough festive season. Then I just want to say that even though your end of 2016 may have been a battle, that the start of your 2017 can be made to be more amazing than you would have even imagined.

It all starts with a choice. Will you give up on the year even when it has barely started, or will you be courageous, fight the battle and move forward onto an exciting year? Lets start 2017 positively, boldly and with strength together, and we will all have an amazing year!!

Bless you all, and enjoy your New Years Eve!!

Josiah ✌✌


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