Proverbs 21:5

Have you ever felt so directed by God that you jump straight into something and then God closes the door on it?? Yeah it is something that happens to everyone. We suddenly feel direction from God and we envision what our next season looks like and we take the path that we believe is the right way, only to have God slam that door closed.

This has just happened to me. About 3/4 weeks ago I began a Diploma of Youth Work online through a recognised provider. I started this because I know God has called me to some sort of youth work or youth ministry, or at least working in that sort of environment and field. I was like “okay God, your calling me to youth work, I may as well get myself qualified by doing a youth work course.” Pretty reasonable thought process huh??

Little did I know that I was actually rushing my calling. I was beginning to jump over stepping stones and missing vital lessons that God needs me to learn prior to me reaching that destination he has in store for me. As a result I began losing all motivation for my course, and stuff just seemed to be coming up that stopped me from spending time studying.

A few days ago I felt the need to read Proverbs 21 (which is weird because I don’t normally get random scriptures from God that I need to read…). Five verses in and this pops up.

Proverbs 21:5:
Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.”

For me, i needed to learn to not rush my calling by taking hasty shortcuts. Therefore I just want to encourage all readers to ensure that whatever their next season is, that you approach it with faith and trust and if you know where you are heading that you approach that opened door with precise planning and hard work (if required).

Bless you all,



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