Whats Your Anchor?

A few days ago I was sitting on the bank of the lake spending time with God and I was met with a calming image. I was watching the traffic buzz on the opposite side of the lake. I was watching the wild birds dip in and out of the lake. And I was particularly watching the boats sitting peacefully atop the waters surface, bob up and down in sync with the waters movement. 

As I sat there watching these boats, I got a vision/image of the reason why I am battling with the things that I am. And that image was this:

My life is exactly like an anchored boat!

See I am trying to flourish in my new beginning, however I am still anchored to my ending. I am literally trying to flow with my lifes current but I am still anchored and stuck to one point. And as time goes on, the chain thats holding me there is getting tighter and tighter and is affecting all other aspects of my life; socially, mentally and physically.

As soon as I saw this image, something in my mind clicked and I knew exactly what was holding me back from sailing the high seas. I got this instinctive longing to persue that anchor and pull it from the depths of my life so that all these other parts of my life can flourish. Although all I can do about it is pray at the moment, its something. When the time comes for me to face the issue, I now know how badly I need to release it from my life.

So if your life is like an anchored boat. If your struggling with something on a deep level and its hindering you from persuing your dreams, your goals, your career etc. Then I encourage you to take charge and pull at that anchor. For you will be able to move on and live life the way you have dreamt of.

One last thing. Joshua 1:9 (NLT) says this:

“This is my command – be strong and courageous! For the Lord your God is with you wher-ever you go”.

Never forget that Jesus is walking hand in hand with you, in every situation. He will never leave you, or forsake you and that you will never be alone. Remember there is never a situation that is too big or too small for God to handle. And he will always provide.

I pray that whatever your anchor is, you can pull it from the deep water and sail your life to your desired destinations.

Bless you all,

Josiah Trigg


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