This Blog

So yeah guys I’m setting up this blog properly to start writing down my thoughts and feelings and all the little visual analogies that swirl around in my crazy head. 

I’ve always been a bit shy of voicing these thoughts because i’ve been a person who was constantly worried about people judging me. Till my recent move to Newcastle, i’ve begun fully coming out of my shell and i’ve gained an amazing amount of confidence around people. I’ve been going to young people events nearly every week and just randomly introducing myself to complete strangers at these gatherings. During these times i’ve been able to be my complete self around others that way i dont need to worry about putting up a facade. For I want people to know me for who I am now and not for who I was 6 months ago.

So yeah, I guess this will be a recount of the spiritual journey I am travelling and how its changing me personally and how its affecting those around me.

Stay tuned for regular updates! 

Bless you all!

Josiah Trigg


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