So What Season Are You In?

​​Something i’ve learnt and am learning I guess is that no one is ever in the exact same season of their life. Everybody is walking through different fields and pastures, and we all dream of that one time in our lives where we can live life for God without worries of the past, or major stresses whilst giving back to him using the talents and gifts he gave us. However not everybody has those bright green pastures. Infact the majority of people are walking through fields where they are trying to harvest a beautiful crop but thornes from previous seasons are strangling the healthy seed. These thorns may represent regret, hurt, anger, sadness or even jealousy. However one prayer to God, asking him to help restart your crop mid season can completely change your life for the better. For it is completely transforming my life.

If you’re feeling like you’re out of place or disorientated on the path you’re meant to be travelling then look to God. Pray and he will answer. He will close doors and open the right ones. For he will walk by you as you overturn those thorns and rid them from your pasture and he will provide the water to help you grow the crop he has planned for your life.

So I challenge you in asking…What season are you in? And are you praying to God to help rid yourself of those thorns?

Peace ✌

Josiah T 


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